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Chinese News and Features

This website keeps its readers up to date about all things to do with China and Asia and the tourist opportunities in the area.

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China has a series of news media outlets. Between the fifties and the turn of the millennium, the amount of Chinese-language papers went up nearly ten times. In the mid noughties, over 300 sorts of daily newspapers were released in China, their readership approaching 80 million, the top figure of any nation in the world. Aimed at different audiences, newspaper styles are becoming continually varied. Lately, we have seen a key trend of newspaper reshuffling. Currently almost forty newspaper groups have been set up, such as Wenhui Xinmin Associated Newspaper Group, Beijing Daily Paper Group and Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group.

We keep up to date with all Chinese news from a range of sources, newspapers and media outlets. Get in touch if there’s something in particular you think we should cover that we have yet to.


Welcome to China news and features

We report on all Chinese news. China is one of those must-see places. You can explore old cities, be awed by spectacular landscapes and take in the rich culture on your journey around China. Traverse the stunning landscapes by private train, relax on a river cruise or discover about the nation on an escorted land journey. Conjoin your experience with a tour of Tibet to truly sink yourself into a spiritual destination.

Flavours of Beijing

The capital Beijing, with its rich palaces, temples and big stone walls, deserves its seat among the world's truly great conurbations. Here, you'll try the sumptuous tastes of the city with singular touring and a mouth-watering Peking Duck feast - the ideal introduction to China.

The Global City of Shanghai

Once a fishing and material city, the Shanghai of nowadays exerts a heavy influence over global economy, fashion, art and plenty more. The city combines old architecture and cutting edge design, engaged in its ancient landmarks as well as its modern attractions.

Xi'an, an Ancient Marvel

As one of the oldest places in China's heritage, Xi'an has plenty to offer tourists. It is the home to the world-renowned Terracotta Army - one of the most impressive archaeological discoveries of all time.

Experience China's Calm Garden Cities

Visit the old city of Suzhou which boasts amazing ornamental gardens and a flourishing silk industry. Cruise through the old water village of Tongli then go further south to Guilin and the Li River for an aesthetically beautiful experience.

The Three Gorges

Best seen from the Yangtze River, the hills, forests, waterways and cliffs of the Three Gorges region in countryside China blend to create the country's most stunning scenery. Relax and enjoy the sights as you cruise through this truly original landscape.

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